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Our Commitment to You!

Our goal is to provide high quality dental services in a caring, stress-free environment. We are committed as dental professionals to regularly participate in continuing education courses to keep up with the ever-changing techniques and materials of modern dentistry so that we can provide our patients with quality, “State of the Art” dentistry.

We want your oral care needs attended to so that your teeth will be attractive, healthy and will last a lifetime.

The Wonders of Modern Dentistry

As I look back from the days when I graduated Boston University in 1980 to today, I am amazed at the advancement of patient care. There has been a revolution in all aspects of the dental profession leading to a golden age.

As a general dentist the ability to adhere tooth colored composites to teeth has led to more conservative lifelike restorations and the demise of silver-mercury fillings. Modern dental porcelains are so strong that a metal base is no longer needed for crowns. This means less removal of tooth when a crown is needed and increased esthetics. Dentistry today is truly metal free!

The digital world has entered the dental office as well. X-rays are taken with sensors utilizing less radiation with software that enhances images immediately on the computer screen. Impressions for dental crowns are now scanned by a laser which goes to a 3D printer to create models.

I cannot begin to list all the advancements from computers, sterilization techniques, implants, environmental awareness to basic anesthesia. The modern dentist can offer tremendous advancements for today's patients.

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